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Director, Product - Data Acquisition & Enrichment
Boston, MA
Senior +1
Posted 2 months ago
Who we are
Zus Health is an early stage startup focused on accelerating digital health builders with a platform of healthcare-oriented, API-first services. We believe that now is the time for healthcare to change in this country and that modern technology infrastructure will help unleash that change. Our first customers will be innovative and hungry digital health startups. We're led by athenahealth's co-founder, Jonathan Bush, and a seasoned leadership team.
What we’re looking for:
We are looking for a hands-on, technical, healthcare-savvy product leader that is eager to jump into a rapidly scaling healthcare platform startup and work to build a world class, foundational patient portrait through data acquisition, normalization, and visualization tailored to the needs of our builder community.
You are a product leader who spans the full gamut of product and management skills, feeling deep yet unrepentant empathy for customers, enjoying the strategic nature of planning and roadmapping, and cultivating success with the teams you lead. You understand the far too many acronyms of healthcare and can quickly comprehend and map workflows into data flows. You build teams that pursue a clear strategy, are swift and agile, and deeply engaged with customers.  You are so comfortable with realities of startup life that random passersby on the street often remark “why is that person wearing so many hats?”

As an early member of our team, you will...

  • Lead the vision for Data Acquisition & Enrichment as Zus.  Clearly chart a path to building a robust view of data sources that will help our builders make data-driven decisions effortlessly.  Bring together medical data with new sources that can enrich a health relevant view of patients.  
  • Grow a data-obsessed team that is agile and customer-focused.  Set vision and strategy, hire team members, and build a collaborative and agile culture.
  • Bring solutions to market by thinking about packaging, pricing, and product marketing. Be hands on with our early customers, and partner with peers across the organization as we grow. Track performance against key metrics and qualitative feedback to ensure our solutions are meeting the mark.
  • Dive into startup life by rolling up your sleeves and pitching in. Help with hiring, operations, marketing, and anything else that needs to be done to achieve our mission and build our company.
  • Engage regularly with our Partnerships team to find and connect to external vendors and partners to facilitate data exchange and acquisition to fulfill our mission of building out a comprehensive patient record

You are a good fit because you demonstrate...

  • Mastery of product management skills such that you can jump in and lead in this early phase. You have at least 8 years of experience building and launching products.
  • Readiness to collaborate with a cross functional team of engineers, architects, terminologists, designers and others. You are an agile and are a humble team player.
  • Experience working with external vendors and partnerships teams to accomplish goals in the product roadmap
  • Domain expertise that demonstrates passion for healthcare and deep understanding of the data and technology challenges our customers face. You understand clinical workflows, clinical data, and technology standards.
  • Empathic approach to customers that allows you to relate to and build trust with both our direct users (digital health engineers) and their customers (patients and providers).
  • Clear communication style that allows you to craft nuanced messaging to win over teammates, leadership, and the market.
  • A self-starter attitude that shows that you are ready for the fast, and sometimes unstructured, nature of an early startup.

And it would be awesome if you were...

  • Knowledgeable in the art of signal to noise when it comes to patient clinical data.
  • An expert in healthcare data exchange, whether HIEs, population health tools, patient authorized access, direct integrations, APIs, flat files or other means. And, the associated content standards and terminologies.
  • Located in the Boston area, or willing to join us here on a regular basis for collaborative work (when safe to do so)
We will offer you…
• Competitive compensation that reflects the value you bring to the team a combination of cash and equity.
• Robust benefits that include health insurance, wellness benefits, 401k, flexible PTO.
• Opportunity to work alongside a passionate team that is determined to help change the world (and have fun doing it).
Zus Health
Zus Health helps a new wave of healthcare builders to create technologies and services without the usual blockers.
Size:  11-50 employees
Funding Level:  Early-stage Startup
Total Amount Raised:  34.0 M
Year Founded:  2020
Andreessen Horowitz
Maverick Ventures
F-Prime Capital
Rock Health
Oxeon Partners
Martin Ventures